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A very special 3-day filmmaking workshop called “Woodclass” is coming up in August (15-18, including arrival day) in Germany, during which attendees will create an 10-minute-film following a given script. Tutors will be Sebastian Wiegärtner, Karl Krings, Lawrence Richards, Horst Herzog and myself. The event is co-hosted by AF Marcotec, one of Germany’s prime camera gear retailers, and filmmaker and well-known music producer Karl Krings. The concept is quite unique because there will be 5 groups with 5 persons each. 4 groups will be shooting and 1 group will be editing – but the groups will be rotating constantly, so it never gets boring – and each group member will experience each team position. The “Woodclass” is embedded in the renowned “Sound of the Forest” music festival in the Odenwald, which is amazing natural scenery to shoot and really go crazy with all sorts of filmmaking gear: A.F. Marcotec will make sure that all kinds of gear and toys will be there to play with, in all shapes and sizes. All the films will be shot on 4K cinema cameras. The structure will be similar to last year’s Filmmaking Masterclasses (click here for details) but here, people will work with a fixed script. The workshop will be held in English and German – so it’s fit for participants from almost anywhere. Exclusive 5% off for cinema5D readers We  have an exclusive 5% discount code on both workshop packages from AF Marcotec: Enter Woodclass2013C5D in the discount field after adding one of the workshop packages to your cart here.   For all the details check out the press text and details below and get in touch with the organizers if you have any questions. Click here for the official website. Set2-400x400  

Sound of the Forest*“ music festival is located at Marbach lakeside in the middle of Odenwald Germany. With its 5 square kilometer land, spectecular live shows, international artists and more than 5000 visitors it becomes the phenomenal background scenery for the WOODCLASS „4K cinematography workshop“ 2013! We welcome 25 WOODCLASS attendees who are tought by well known DoPs and Filmakers like: - Karl Krings from Bad König, Germany - Sebastian Wiegärtner from Nuremberg, Germany - Nino Leitner from Vienna, Austria - Lawrence Richards from Wiesbaden, Germany - Horst Herzog from Darmstadt, Germany Get known with a real 4K cinema film set and learn how to set up scenes, set light and use the most important professional film equipment. Create your 10min short movie together with the PROs from the film business. Your work and your name will be shown online, offline and on national & international film festivals. „…there is no other wokshop on the market to compare with…“(Nino Leitner) „…a workshop like this was never done before…“(Karl Krings) Facts: • 15.08.2013 – 18.08.2013 – Marbachstausee Odenwald • „sound of the forest“ music festival scenery • short film shoot in 4K • working with actors, screenplay and storyboard • Minimum 0f 20 participants, max of 30 accepted. • DoP and teacher: Sebastian Wiegärtner, Karl Krings, Nino Leitner, Horst Herzog, Lawrence Richards and professional assistants. • use of 4K cameras • use of tripods, cranes, dolly, sliders and steadicam • use of follow focus, filters and matteboxes • set light and reflectors for 4K digital film • framing 4K widescreen (cinemascope) • creating cinematic look in camera • use of anamorphic and flat aspect ratio • editing 4K RAW native and in realtime • handling 4K RAW digital film data and backup solution WOODCLASS 2013 PACKAGE 1 includes: - Full three day Workshop - Full three day festival pass »Sound of the Forest 2013« - Camping space available WOODCLASS 2013 PACKAGE 2 includes: - Full three day Workshop - Full three day festival pass »Sound of the Forest 2013« - SPA Hotel (Hotel Zentlinde incl. breakfast - Free location shuttle service WOODCLASS-Layout-shop-quadratisch_BW-500x500

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They’ve done it before and they’re doing it again: An ever evolving filmmaking workshop held by renown filmmakers Philip Bloom, Nino Leitner and Sebastian Wiegärtner

It’s only about two weeks until the first Filmmaking Masterclass in 2012 is going to take place in Las Vegas and few days later in Key West, Florida. After that they’ll kick it again in June: Mallorca, Spain.

What is it?
The Filmmaking Masterclass is a unique kind of workshop. Three full days. Intensive hands-on shooting. Exclusive locations. You MAKE a film!

The tutors will teach you the intricate details of practical shooting in a truly unique setting.

It’s about getting the best out of your equipment, but especially developing your skills. It’s about techniques, which cannot be learned from a book or the Internet.

Philip Bloom
There is hardly anyone doing more camera workshops than Philip Bloom – he is constantly traveling the world, sharing his knowledge.

So it is pretty remarkable Philip said of last year’s Majorca Masterclass, “Seriously best workshop ever. Theory, shooting and post. Had such fun. Thanks to everyone. Six great films!!”


There will be seminars on various subjects of commercial filmmaking – of course also about the cameras, featuring the new crop of large sensor cameras.
You will be able to try and compare some of these cameras on the spot, and you will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each! But gear is just a small element of what these Masterclasses are about…

Attendee film

They encourage aspiring DPs, directors, and people who shoot films for a living (or strive to do so) to come and join them. They say they will not be covering basics, but that it will be an intermediary and advanced workshop.
Attendees will receive detailed digital textbooks before the course starts, containing all the concentrated basics for large-sensor cameras and HDSLR filmmaking. This leaves more time focusing on advanced shooting techniques and practical shooting during each Masterclass.

Gear to win
After the general course part is over they’ll do a raffle for some of the gear that was used – worth a total of $7,000 – which were donated by their sponsors Vitec Videocom and Kessler. More info on that here.

More Info
Depending on the location, the Masterclasses are focusing on different themes, with additional seminars . Click on the individual dates & locations to learn more: Las Vegas, Key West, Mallorca.

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Key West Masterclass:
April 27-29, 2012
3 DAYS – $1,699 cinema5D: $1,649

Las Vegas Masterclass:
April 20-22, 2012
3 DAYS – $1,299 cinema5D: $1,249

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