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Philip Bloom had a hands on with the much anticipated Sony FS700. The $7999 camera that will give you 240fps slow motion and sports a 4K sensor.

Watch the two videos and give him credit because this review is pretty nice to watch. There is a writeup on his website as well.

See our article full specs on the FS700.

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The Sony FS700 due to be released by mid July has created a lot of buzz and is one of the most anticipated new camera bodies right alongside the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

As reported multiple times it comes with tons of features meant to satisfy the needs of the modern HDSLR and Large Sensor filmmaker not to mention an extremely competitive pricepoint ($8000) and the introduction of affordable slow motion (240fps).

Jody Eldred had a chance to play with the Sony NEX-FS700 and likes it (video above). We haven’t been able to work with it, but the specs certainly scream to our filmmaking hearts.
Jody seems to be sold on the FS700, are you?

One thing we tried was the autofocus feature that is enabled when you use the LA/EA2 adapter with Sony Alpha Lenses. It is the first time autofocus is actually usable on a large sensor camera and something we’ve been anticipating for a long time.
Sony uses phase detection technology via a beamsplitter within the adapter.

DOP David Leitner had a chance to test this feature during and prior to NAB. Check out his extremely well made review on the matter (video below).

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The Sony NEX-FS700 is currently the most anticipated new camera body that will shoot 240fps slow motion and offer many other convenient features at a priecepoint around $8500. See our full article on the camera specs here.

The video above is Peter Prevec‘s full test video. He had a chance to shoot with a pre production model and we’ve seen excerpts from this footage in Sony’s FS700 promo video that was shot by a crew of filmmakers around Den Lennie from F-Stop academy.

Prevec says:
I got quite used to that camera – if it had some quirks I didn’t notice them. You feel more secure with the new camera than the slightly plasticky FS100 – less afraid that something might happen to it as it is built more ruggedly. (…)
I only shot at full 1080P resolution so I didn’t test beyond 240fps. Reduced resolution didn’t interest me. You can record 8 seconds at 240fps and 9.5 second at 200fps (at 50Hz setting) and you end up with 1 minute and 15 seconds of super slow motion footage.

What is not mentioned but obvious in Prevec’s slow motion video (you can download the source file) is that the footage is not supersharp like some of the rest of the footage we’ve seen, shot at normal speed. This might be due to a bad workflow which I doubt considering Prevec has some reputation to know what he’s doing so the more likely explanation is that the FS700 will only provide a HDSLR like sharpness for its super slow motion shots. Let’s find out about that when we get the next batch of super slomo FS700 footage.

If you want to learn even more about this camera, there’s a nice 16 minute FS700 overview video by Den Lennie. You’ll have to visit his page as the video has been restricted and cannot be embedded in this article: LINK

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Sony introduces the Sony NEX-FS700 with this emotional promo video

Check it out, it shows a lot of what the camera can do and the sharpness and quality of the footage is really impressive.
We’ll most likely see more footage from this camera soon and we’ll keep you updated.

See the full details on the camera in this article.

[UPDATE] Here’s a 480fps slow motion test uploaded by Andy Shipsides. Keep in mind that the camera blows up the footage that is actually recorded at 1920 x 432 pixels.

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Guest post by: Nino Leitner

Sony has just announced their new cinema camera, the Sony NEX-FS700, which is about to fill the gap between the FS100 and the F3 in Sony’s cinema camera line-up in Super 35mm cameras. It has a 11.6 million pixels sensor.

Incredible slow motion capabilities
There are two features that really make the FS700 stand out: It can record 120 or 240 frames per second in 1080p in 8 or 16 second bursts, respectively. It’s insane and unheard-of in a camera in this price range.

So far, the best we could get for a comparable amount of money was the FS700?s little brother, the FS100, which is able to record up to 60 fps in 1080p (in the US version, 50 in the EU version – though that is about to get irrelevant with a firmware update that will make it a world camera).

Details on what kind of slow motion it can shoot:
- 240fps for 8 seconds in Full HD
- 120fps for 16 seconds in Full HD
- 960fps up to approx 19 seconds in a burst
_(1920×216 line skipped readout, interpolated in
_camera to 1920×1080)
- 1480fps up to approx 9 seconds in a burst
_(1920×432 line skipped readout, interpolated in
_camera to 1920×1080)

4K upgrade in the future
The second big thing about this camera is that it will be able to output 4K “Raw” through its 3G HD-SDI output in the future. It seems like not even sources within Sony know yet when exactly this will be available, nor what the recording device will be like or what its cost will be. But it sounds extremely intriguing.

To keep in line with the NEX series, the camera will record AVCHD 2.0 by default, to SD cards. It is a world camera, switchable from 50Hz to 60Hz, recording all variations of frame rates that we need (24/25/30/50/60) in 1080p.

It seems like a series of shooters had a chance to use this camera prior to its release. We can expect test shots of it at and around NAB time, maybe even in the coming days. Den Lennie, James Miller, Peter Prevec and Jason Wingrove seem to be among the few who had access to the camera already.

ND filters & form factor
They enhanced a few things from the FS100, although the form factor is similar. The FS700 has 3 built-in ND steps at 1/8, 1/16 and 1/64.
I was never a big fan of the FS100 form factor, but it seems they enhanced some of its biggest shortcomings, e.g. moving the XLR port from the back to the front. It however still has the little awkwardly designed viewfinder that can be taken of, and it features the same LCD screen as the FS100 (3.5? 921K).

It shares the same E-mount lens system with the FS100. Now, with the availability of a several adapters allowing you to control the f-stop on the ubiquitous Canon EF lenses, the Sony cameras will gain a lot of popularity in no time without a doubt.

Now this is exciting, according to Sony’s press release it will be below $10K, according to other sources even around $8-9K. This will truly make a big difference in the camera market, mainly because of its slow motion capabilities which put it out of reach of all the competitors, for now.

I will keep this post updated as we learn more about the FS700. Please check back later.
I will do my best to get my hands on one to shoot something with it as soon as possible!

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The Sony Press Release is here

More images of the camera are here

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Now that Canon and Nikon had their fame it’s Sonys turn and maybe the successor to the not quite so successful NEX-FS100 that we saw around this time last year, will finally turn things around for good.


EOSHD wrote: (rumor)
At NAB 2012 next month, Sony will shake the digital cinema market to its core. Sony’s answer to the C300 is a 4K Super 35mm update to the FS100. It will be available in June for a provisional $8000.

EOSHD‘s source further claims that the camera would have up to 960 fps and that the 4K would probably be recorded to an external device via 3G HD-SDI. It would also sport 3 internal ND’s (clearly visible now on the leaked images).

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More leaked pictures after the jump:

Sourced by an anonymous DP.

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After 3 and a half years we’re seeing an update to the camera that spawned this website. The camera’s announcement day is rumored to be Friday March 2nd 2012.

Here are first leaked pictures of the Canon 5D mark III:

These were posted in the canonrumors forum:

Here’s our subforum on the matter:

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